Hello and welcome to the JMC and the Disenchantors website. There's some free music here that you can download, and at some point, I might start releasing albums (notes from the future: probably not gonna happen). You'll notice that the music comes in two formats: FLAC, and MP3. The difference is that FLAC is a lossless format, meaning that the sound is at the original quality as when it was recorded. MP3's are more common, but they are a lossy compression, which shouldn't bug most people since the spectrum that most people hear from is still saved. It bugs me and a few others, so that's why I put both.

Song Title MP3 FLAC
eldotio eldotio.mp3 eldotio.flac
evaporation evaporation.mp3 evaporation.flac
Hawk in the Acoustic Hall hawk-in-the-acoustic-hall.mp3 hawk-in-the-acoustic-hall.flac
Lone Practice lone-practice.mp3 lone-practice.flac
Puppets Without Words puppets_without_words.mp3 puppets_without_words.flac
someday.forever someday.forever.mp3 someday.forever.flac
New Morning Project new_morning_project.mp3 new_morning_project.flac
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